5 Best App Video Editor

Presently, each and every people social media addicted. They just want to create a different type of videos for personal, promotional and for business. They want to create different types of videos and for this reason, people using different types of software and apps. If you want to create and edit any video from your phone, you can do it easily. Presently, there are several companies available who offer different types of apps for video editing. You can download easily using your smart phone. There are some video editor app available in the market which you can get at free of cost and some available which you need to buy! Here, check top 5 video editor app which you can download using smart phone.

  1. Magisto – It is one of the best video edit apps which you can easily download from smart phone. This app is completely free for android and iphone user. If you follow 3 simple steps, then you can able to change and edit beautiful videos. You have to first choose the video editing style and you just need to choose music and video clippings which you need to add. And you can able to make the video easily.
  2. Hyperlapse – This is another best app which you can download at free of cost on your iphone. For android people, you need to buy it. You have to go Google play store and need to download it. You can capture any beautiful video and then edit using this app. You can choose different speed for your edited video. And you can easily download and follow some basic step and edit video as much as possible. It is one of the best ways to run the business.
  3. Wondershare FilmoraGo – It’s another best and top video editing app. This app is completely free for android user and iphone user. Very easy to operate and simple to use. If you are looking for the basic video editorial function, this app is the best option. This app is the perfect for Instagram, but you can use for several other social media sites easily. You can start their free option and after that, if you like their apps function, you can convert free to premium account. There are some limitations you will get, if you will use free option.
  4. InShot – If you are looking for an app which just helps you to edit original video, then you can try this one. It is one of the best app which offer several advantages. You can edit the video; you can change the background and change color. You can check their sample videos to understand how it works. They also offer free service for android and iphone user. But after using, if you like it, then you can try it. This offer several advantages. Just download this app on your mobile and start editing. It will make your website awesome.
  5. WeVideo – It is one of the best could based video which offer free service. You can download it from Iphone store or from Google playstore. Use its free account and if you like then convert to premium account. This app offer some advance features and functionality. This app provides you 10 GB for cloud storage. For one or 2-3 videos this space is sufficient but if you are planning to edit multiple videos, then you have to choose their premium account. You have to purchase from store and use it.

So, if you are looking for the best apps for video editing, check above apps and choose one of them and download it now!


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